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We'll help you get registered to do business in Virginia

Quick, knowledgable, friendly help with navigating the laws in Virginia, just when you need it!

We'll help you with each step of the registration process:

We'll give you the correct application forms

We'll help you fill the application in with your info

We'll give you tips to make sure your app is approved

We'll answer all of your questions

You'll be registered in Virginia in no time!

It is really very simple. Complete the order form and we'll immediately provide you with the application and information you need to move the registration process forward. Our expert assistance will help make the Virginia registration process as quick and painless as possible.

Expert Virginia assistance

Let the Virginia experts help you get registered today. We know this process is not fun and we're here to get you through this as quickly as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Can you tell me what I need to do to register my business in Virginia?
Absolutely. We’re here to help you register and will provide you with the application form that is specific to your situation and all of the help you need to complete it with your company information. We know you would rather be doing almost anything else, so we do our best to make this as easy a process as possible.
How do you forward mail and other documents to your customers?
By email! We scan and email everything we receive on your behalf so that you get it quickly. No need to wait for the postal mail to arrive.
Can you help me with registering my insurance agency or contracting business?
Sure! We have special areas for our clients that provide excellent information and resources to help you register with the Virginia Bureau of Insurance and the Virginia Board for Contractors.'
Who's running the show there?
Virginia Professional Services is owned by Virginia lawyer Bernie Dietz. Bernie has twenty years of corporate law experience and started this business to help his clients, like you, that needed a dependable, affordable, and knowledgeable source for Virginia registered agent service. We're small enough to be responsive and flexible but large enough to be financially stable and here for the long term. If you would like to speak with Bernie, just give us a call at 804-290-4330 and ask to speak with Bernie.

Virginia Registered Agent

We're your dependable, professional source in Virginia


It’s Fast and Secure

You will receive all of the registered agent information you need immediately upon placing your order with us. And our site is fully secure!

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Wherever you are

We help companies from around the world do business in Virginia. We can forward documents received on your behalf to you by email within seconds of receiving them.


Sign Up At Any Time

Day or night, you can sign up for registered agent service with us at any time and you'll immediately receive the documents and information you need to register to transact business in Virginia.

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True flat fee service

Unlike other registered agent services, we charge a flat fee for registered agent service. We don't charge you processing fees, postage fees, or any other type of add on charge.

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We’re headquartered in Richmond, Virginia

Unlike other registered agent services that only have a mail drop box here, we're actually located in Richmond, Virginia. We're experts in the Virginia laws that apply to transacting business here.

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Having Trouble?

We're here to help! When you use our Virginia registered agent service, we're here to answer all of your questions. Simply call us or contact us by email and we'll answer your questions about doing business in Virginia.

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